Shekerinska: The Summer Campus is an example of the cooperation and partnership in dealing with the modern security challenges

“The Summer Campus 2017 is an example of our common regional and multilateral cooperation and partnership that defines our common security and future. We must continually improve and foster the shared values of our countries, because only in this way we can achieve our common goals and successfully deal with the modern security challenges”, underlined the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, in her address on the occasion of the 8th Summer Campus held in the Pepelishte Training Area, today.

Before the 116 participants in the Campus coming from 12 countries, the Minister stressed that the Campus was an example of the regional cooperation and partnership, as a unique project enabling them to gain knowledge and learn from experiences professors and experts from the USA, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and Macedonia.

The Minister said that the The Republic of Macedonia continuously invests resources in promoting the interoperability of the armed forces, including the development of regional cooperation. “Moving forward is not possible without the people, without the professionals, and without the knowledge, this refers to our defence sector and our army as well. Therefore, we are proud of today’s investment in our own strengths, capabilities and capacities, in our future generations, as well as the cooperation with our traditional partners”, added the Minister. She underline that the Ministry is working on the continuous improvement of the capacities and conditions for training – the Krivolak Military Training Area meets all the requirements for training on the highest professional level and it is open for the armies of our partners.

“In the next two weeks, the Summer Campus participants will cooperate, learn and exercise together, so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder in support of regional and global peace one day”, said the Dean of the Military Academy, Colonel Orce Popovski at the opening. He added that this Campus was dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the Dojran Battle in World War I, the migrant crisis on the southern border and the numerous cultural activities and presentations.

This year, the Summer Campus is different from the previous years, since the focus has been placed on the academic elaboration on various topics, with the same purpose in mind –establishing a powerful network, of future officers and the preparations for future interoperability and cooperation.