Shekerinska: The Army is ready to be placed in function of the protection of citizens, the second unit of members of the Army sent to Debar

Today, Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska, visited the members of the Army in the Tetovo barracks and together with the Chief of the General Staff, General Vasko Gjurcinovski, sent the second unit from the Tetovo barracks to Debar.

“According to the Government’s decision to declare a crisis situation in the municipalities of Debar and Centar Zhupa and the Government’s initiative approved by President Pendarovski, as of today, the Army is ready to be placed in support of the civilian authorities, i.e. the Ministry of Interior. Today we are here in this garrison, in the Tetovo barracks, where we are sending the second team to Debar”, said the Minister and congratulated the General Staff and all the commands for their quick reaction.

“Practically the decision was taken by the President, late last night, and the Army immediately went into alert and deploying the personnel for providing all the logistics – food, water. Today, we have already performed the first control and reconnaissance from the air on the line where the armed forces will be engaged armed forces, and we have already started with the transport of one of our units. We are available as always to show that the Army is an institution in which citizens the citizens are justified in having the confidence and an institution that they can count on”, said the Minister.

Shekerinska stressed that the rapid reaction of the Government in taking measures against the spread of coronavirus proved justified, because thanks to this efficiency, we managed to prevent the dramatic escalation of the patient numbers.

“The Government will continue to make decisions that will place the health of citizens first, and although the Army should never be the first institution that will respond, we asked to place the military in the service of the citizens. We are making all the resources available to help as soon as possible and handle the situation with COVID 19″, said Shekerinska.

The Minister thanked the health authorities and health professionals for their enormous efforts in dealing with the virus, and appealed to the people to respect the recommendations and bans.

“We appeal to all the citizens to contribute to this action. Together we can beat the corona virus, but only if we respect the recommendations, if we respect the bans, and if do everything in our power to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and thus help the whole country”, said Minister Shekerinska.

She explained that the main focus of the engagement of the Army at this point would be to control the borderline.