Gender aspects in defence for the first time elaborated in the graduation thesis of a cadet of the Military Academy “General Mihaljo Apostolski” – Skopje

The graduation thesis entitled “The Gender Aspect, the Personality Characteristics and the Adaptation Mechanisms of the Cadets at the Military Academy” was defended today at the Military Academy “General Mihajlo Apostolski” – Skopje. The thesis incorporates for the first time the gender aspects in defence and security through an integrated approach to an extensive theoretical elaboration and practical research among the cadets at the Military Academy.

Cadet Cvetanka Gjorgjieva, Sergeant, is one of the ten female cadets that are completing their education at the Military Academy. Under the mentorship of Senior Lecturer Julijana Stojanova, M.A, she presents in her work the findings of the research conducted in March 2014 with 49.3% of the total number of cadets in the four study years, that is, all female cadets (31).

The research addresses several groups of questions related to the gender aspect: the support mechanisms during the studies; the factors that affect the functional success of the military component from the aspect of the heterogeneous gender composition; what is the perception of the respondents regarding the position of women in the defence system – whether they are equal, privileged or discriminated and the question aimed at the female cadets only related to their personal experiences with gender equality during their studies. This research is a step forward in the systemic approach to the integration of women in the defence sector by demonstrating preparedness to explore and present their views, problems and needs.

The defence of the graduation theses of the cadets crowns their four-year education at the Military Academy as a higher education and scientific research institution in the defence sector.

One of the key goals of the education process is achieved through their elaboration and defence – to provide the students at the Military Academy an acquisition of applicable skills, knowledge and capabilities that will enable them to respond with expertise and professionalism to the regular tasks and duties they will have on their future work posts, as well as to deal with all contemporary security challenges.