Gender training for the implementation of the Guidelines for protection against workplace harassment for the gender representatives in the Ministry and the Army

The Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia are intensively working on the implementation of gender perspectives and addressing all issues related to gender-based violence and workplace harassment. To this end, the afore stated adopted Guidelines for protection against workplace harassment which was harmonized with the NATO policy for prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse, and designated gender representatives from all sectors of the Ministry of Defence and the organizational units of the Army.

Today, in the premises of the Public Affairs Regional Centre, the designated gender representatives attended training on the Guideline for protection against workplace harassment and other topics related to gender equality in the Ministry of Defence and the Army. The training with these individuals is planned to be performed continuously in several phases. The first phase of the training was done in several sessions by representative trainers from several institutions engaged in this area. Vesna Ivanovikj – Castarede, Head of UN Women, held a lecture entitled “Basic gender concepts and terminology and international mechanisms”. In the second session the lecturers were Gjulten Mustafova and Antonio Mihailov from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, who addressed the legal framework for protection from harassment and discrimination. The psychologist David Tasevski focused on the psychological consequences caused by harassment and give recommendations on how to act in certain situations. NATO certified gender trainers from the Ministry of Defence – Lieutenant Colonel Antoniela Stankovska-Budimir and Lieutenant Colonel Ordanche Todorov presented the Guidelines for protection against workplace harassment, focusing on all the mechanisms and procedures that are available to workers if they face such a problem at their work place.