Renovated and fully equipped laboratories at the Military Academy with installed new modern technology for distance learning

Today, at the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski”, Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska together with the Defence Attaché of the Kingdom of Norway and representatives of “Jefferson Institute” visited the newly renovated and fully equipped classrooms at the Military Academy with installed modern educational technology designed for the advanced distance learning project.

After the visit, Minister Shekerinska gave a statement to the media that highlighted two key messages, that we as a country are ready to join the Alliance, and that the preparations we have conducted in the process of membership are more than military skills and physical fitness, they are also the manner of responding to the threats of the 21st century.

“I am really pleased that the Ministry of Defence could participate in such a useful, important, positive joint project with Norway, with the RADLI project, with the Jefferson Institute, where we have shown that together we really are stronger and that we help to achieve better quality. What you see here today is what a true Military Academy should look like, a true Military Academy of a NATO member state, where our cadets will have the same opportunities and the same chances that are offered in certain older institutions of this nature. I am glad that this investment in the quality of teaching and the quality of work is offered to our young cadets because they will be the ones who will enter their careers as NATO officers for which they it should be better prepared“, said Shekerinska.

Minister Shekerinska added that the defence in the 21st century requires sophisticated technology and a new concept of education.

“Threats in the 21st century are different, so our defence needs to be different. It involves many cyber defence elements, that defence means more sophisticated technology and it completely changes the concept of education. I am very pleased that the Ministry of Defence and the Military Academy show that they are keeping up with the times. This is the reason that you are able to see the equipment and technology that all future generations will use in their education“.

Shekerinska said that the training will be offered to other institutions in the country and that the regional component of the Military Academy will be developed, and she announced an ambitious goal – the positioning of the Military Academy into a regional cyber academy that will show the investment in the so-called “smart defence”.

The Dean of the Military Academy, Colonel Orce Popovski, stressed that the implementation of this project and modern technology accelerates the dissemination of knowledge and access to the world knowledge.

The Defence Attaché of the Kingdom of Norway, Egil Daltveit, said that Norway continues to be a strong partner of the armed forces of North Macedonia and supporter of the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country.

- The donation that we have offered here is part of making your forces ready for the 21st century. It is a joint venture in which the Military Academy and the Ministry worked together and invested almost as much money as we did. The candidates who are coming into the Academy today, they already have the basic computer literacy that we did not have when we were kids. And with the tools that the Military Academy now has they can use that for the better of the defence of North Macedonia and of the Alliance – said Daltveit.