The activities conducted under the International Summer Campus 2012 included the topic Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC). By applying the principle of direct learning through experience, an international team numbering ten cadets from the Republic of Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Montenegro and students from the Republic of Macedonia were tasked to plan and conduct this CIMIC activity.

The team numbered 11 members:

1.      Cadet Corporal Martin Spasovski ( Macedonia, 3 academic year ) – team leader,

2.      Cadet дес. Monika Pavlova ( Macedonia, 3 academic year ),

3.      Cadet  Corporal Hristijan Dimchevski (Macedonia, 3 academic year),

4.      Cadet Ardijan Ramadani ( Kosovo ),

5.      Cadet Mustafa Jilmaz ( R. Turkey ),

6.      Cadet Edrijan Zabunov ( R. Bulgaria ),

7.      Cadet Private I Class Tina Brajovik ( R. Montenegro ),

8.      Cadet Hugo Schmit ( United Kingdom ),

9.      Student Dragana Jovanoska (Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, 3 academic year),

10.  Student Ana Gjorgjievska (Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, 3 academic year ),

11.  Student Kristina Kochoska (Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, 3 academic year).

The practical goal of this activity comes from the established and proved practice and it is related to the efforts for establishing cooperation with the local population from the region where the unit is located. In addition, this goal is to entail enhanced confidence of the local population in the military personnel, demonstration of a high level of awareness of the military organization for the real needs of the community and developing appropriate procedures for meeting the identified needs, in function of accomplishing the set tasks of the unit in the region where it is located. Having in mind that the basic goal of this year’s Summer Campus 2012 is the practical implementation of cooperative security in line with NATO’s New Strategic Concept, with an indirect approach to civil-military ad counter-insurgent operations, this activity is part of the overall concept and it is very important that it is duly addressed.

After its establishment, the CIMIC team held its first meeting in order to look into all ideas of the team members, since one of the objectives of this activity was to experience the complexity of working into an international team. After brainstorming all ideas, a decision was made to donate the daily snacks (chocolate, juice and milk) of all participants in the Summer Campus 2012 to the Center for Assistance to Handicapped Persons “PORAKA NEGOTINO”. As a follow-up to the meeting, the team members were given concrete tasks. The tasks included making initial an contact with the institution chosen to be the recipient of the donation, contacting the media and preparing logistic support (collecting the snacks, storing them, transportation, etc.). In addition to the organizational aspects, the women from the team worked on hand-made gifts which appeared to be as valuable as the donated snacks.

Further on, the CIMIC team made and submitted a written notification to the public relations authorities in the Ministry of Defence regarding this activity. Part of the team, headed by their leader cadet Corporal Martin Spasovski contacted and met Mrs. Verica Tasheva, Director of the Center. At the meeting, the cadets talked about the activity and specified all details regarding the donation.

The civil-military cooperation began successfully on the following day, to everybody’s pleasure. The snacks were donated upon the arrival to the premises of the Center for Assistance of Handicapped Persons “PORAKA NEGOTINO”. Following the brief remarks of the leader of the CIMIC team, cadet Corporal Martin Spasovski, who introduced the present with the idea and goal of this cooperation and conveyed the regards of all participants in the Campus, the Director of the Center, Mrs. Verica Tasheva expressed their gratitude and underlined that there are no words to describe the joy that these wonderful young people thought of this center and donated, above all, their attention and care. She emphasized that she was impressed with the way in which the Military Academy encourages and educated the future military officers. Upon the completion of the official part, Major Lazar Gjurov, Ph.D., who together with Captain Ordeveski Zlatko were mentors of this team, paid a public tribute to the cadets and students from the CIMIC team and thanked the Center for Assistance to Handicapped Persons “PORAKA NEGOTINO”, on behalf of the Command of the Summer Campus, for accepting this donation, which will hopefully be only the beginning of building strong confidence and partnership in creating an efficient and secure community for all citizens.

All cadets and students had the opportunity to experience a wonderful and unforgettable socializing with the clients of this Center. Several games of ping-pong were played at the premises. At the end, the hand-made gifts were a real surprise for the persons in the Center. The whole event was attended by the media, which informed the public of the activity and the Center itself and the clients of this institution.

As a final segment of the activity, all participants concluded that the mission was accomplished successfully. The cadets and students acquired the necessary experience and learned about the complexity of organizing and conducting CIMIC activities. The military organization established an excellent cooperation with the local population, which contributed to enhancing the confidence and increasing the preparedness for cooperation in working with joint efforts on strengthening security as a common objective. The Summer Campus proved that it has the sensibility and capacities to apply modern security approaches and their direct implementation in the education of the future military and civilian leaders.