Present new video for promoting gender equality in the Army

On the eve of 8 March, the International Women’s Day, the new animated video for promoting gender equality in the ranks of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia was presented today at the Ministry of Defence.

The video was produced jointly with the UN Women Office in Skopje, and aims to show that women and men are equal in the army and that the priority for the Ministry of Defence is the establishment of full gender equality and gender perspective in all army ranks.

At today’s meeting, the coordinator of the Working Group on Gender Equality in the Ministry, Katerina Stavreska and the Head of the UN Women Office in Skopje, Vesna Ivanović Kastared, concluded that the cooperation was exceptionally high and that a result from this collaboration were the important documents that established the system of full gender equality in the Army, as the Manual for organizing and conducting gender training, the Regulations and Guidelines for protection against harassment, and the newly promoted video.

Stavreski said that the Ministry intensively and committedly worked to ensure gender equality, and an example of this were the mentioned documents and certification, as well as the appointment of 36 gender advisers in the ministry and in all units of the Army, whose task is to advise the management, and the employees on issues related to gender equality.