Shekerinska in the Ilinden barracks: Congratulations on the new uniforms, higher salaries and new equipment

“I am most happy and very pleased that today you are all wearing the new uniform. This means that the health crisis that has gripped our society has not reduced investments in the defence. My commitment every day, despite the state of emergency, was to realize the purchase of new uniforms. And they are already our reality – as it befits to members of an Army of a NATO member”, said today the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, in her address to the members of the Army in the Ilinden barracks in Skopje.

Today, Shekerinska visited the Ilinden barracks to thank the members of the Army for their engagement during the state of emergency and their assistance in the crisis with the coronavirus, and also to attend the promotion of the new army uniforms.

“In addition to purchasing new uniforms, I promised you higher salaries. Salaries in the Army have risen three times. All members’ allowances have grown. I promised housing benefit of 7,000 denars; today all those who meet the conditions are receiving housing benefit higher than 8,000 denars, every month. Today, the salary and allowances of the members of the Army have increased between 50 and 60 percent, we have also procured new engineering machines, we have ordered new armoured vehicles”, stressed Shekerinska, congratulating the members of the Army.

Speaking about the role in the crisis with the coronavirus, the Minister expressed gratitude to the Army for the commitment and trust it enjoys among the citizens. “As never before, the Army has been close and united with its people. That is why I was not surprised by the public opinion polls which showed that the Army is among the institutions in which citizens have the highest trust of state institutions at the very top. The trust we have received as a reward for your deeds. I congratulate you and thank you for bringing us this high honour”, Shekerinska said.

Minister Shekerinska pointed out that the Ministry of Defence has climbed the Transparency Scale every year for this year it to reach the leader position according to the transparency of the institutions. “It is an example of responsible working and building a successful society”, she said.