The Army is revitalizing: 70 new professional soldiers in the Army as of today, an announcement for additional 200 will follow

“The Army is developing, getting stronger, and most importantly, as we see today, our army is revitalizing. Today you are becoming part of the most respected, most renowned institution that enjoys the greatest trust in our country,” said Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska at today’s reception of 70 new professional soldiers in “Ilinden” barracks.

Shekerinska stressed that the investments in the Army in the past three years have contributed for the exceptionally high interest for the first time in many years. “For the first time, we had 750 candidates for 70 soldier positions – practically 10 candidates for each position. It shows that our investment in the institution, in better conditions and equipment, is already noticed by everyone,” the Minister stated.

The Minister said that a new announcement will be published in the upcoming days for the admission of additional 200 professional soldiers who, in addition to rejuvenating the Army, will create a new capacity in which the Army and the Ministry will invest.

“The NATO accession, the arrival of the Southeast Europe Brigade, the new equipment and the increased salaries in the Army, the contribution during the emergency situation, the leading position in terms of transparency and the trust of the citizens, have made 2020 our successful year in the field of defense”, Shekerinska said. .

The ceremony on the occasion of the reception of the new soldiers was attended by the Chief of General Staff of the Army, Vasko Gjurchinovski and the Commander of Ilinden barracks. With today’s admission of 70 soldiers, the total number of newly recruited soldiers in the past three years amounts to 630.