Shekerinska: Congratulations on the adoption of the Law on Defence, we have set the mechanisms for taking advantage of the benefits of NATO

“With the Law on Defence we practically established all our internal mechanisms for practicing our NATO membership. The Law on Defence is a law that will finally ensure our transition from individual defence where only we could take care of our stability and security, to the principle and system of collective defence which is the biggest visible benefit of our membership to NATO”, said Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska, at today’s press conference dedicated to the adoption of the Law on Defence.

“We worked on this Law for a year, we drafted the law in a way that no fault can truly be found and we did this because we knew that the adoption of this law required two-thirds majority in the Assembly, and for this reason it should be well designed to survive, to give us an answer to all the challenges in the next period. I want to congratulate the employees of the Ministry of Defence that have done a great job, and yesterday’s 80 votes and no votes against are a big compliment for their work”, underlined Minister Shekerinska.

The Minister said that as a member of NATO, Article 5 known as “One for all, all for one” as an article that commits all NATO members to protect each other in a system of collective defence, now applies to our country. “The umbrella that protects over 1 billion people around the world is an umbrella that would now protect us. That is the article that obligates NATO members to protect each other and ensure the spirit of solidarity and collective defence of the Alliance”, said Shekerinska. NATO, she added, is an exclusive club of the most powerful, the most influential, the richest – the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland …

“It is a great success to be among the thirty in this club. It is a victory to be the 30th member of this Alliance”, said Minister Shekerinska, and thanked all the 80 MPs who supported the law and showed their support for NATO and EU membership not only by taking photos or attending ceremonies, but also with their everyday decisions aimed at ensuring our membership.

“Today the NATO headquarters is makes room and erecting the mast which is being prepared for our flag. It is matter of days when our flag will wave and stand together with the remaining 29 flags of the alliance members. This is a common reason for pride, as is the fact that we have truly kept our word to the citizens, and to the allies”, added Minister Shekerinska.