Shekerinska at the Pilot Training Centre: We offer top flight education, I invite young people to apply for the open competition

Today, from the Pilot Training Centre, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, called upon all the young citizens of our country with a university degree and obtained 180 credits to apply on the open competition for admission of candidates and after the completion of the training to become pilots in the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Pilot Training Centre, the Minister said, is one of the most modern capacities in the region for training and education of military pilots. She added that with the amendments to the Law that will be sent to the Parliament, it is anticipated that the candidates will receive financial compensation during the training.

“With the amendments to the law we will regulate the part of the financial compensation, and in that manner we will have better chances to obtain more quality personnel, and from them we will receive the opportunity for excellent pilots”, the Minister said.

Colonel Valentin Ivanoski, Head of the Military Aviation Authority in the Ministry and project manager at the Centre, noted that this Centre, with its equipment and methods that it applies, enables the graduates to immediately join the Air Brigade and to accept the NATO standards.

Angel Vladimirov and Ljubomir Panev, today captains in the Army, and previously cadets at the Pilot Training Centre, said that this centre provides training at the global level, that it takes a lot of effort and energy, but also that the feeling “everyday to have a different view from the office “is indescribable. They urged young people not to miss out on this chance and to apply on the open competition.

So far, 24 pilots have been trained in the Centre, out of which 13 for the needs of the Army, 9 for the Ministry of the Interior and 2 for the needs of the Montenegrin aviation. The capacity of the Centre is recognized globally – so far the most modern simulators of Mi-24 and Mi-8/17 helicopters have been used by pilots from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Bulgaria, and on a commercial basis pilots from Poland, Nigeria and Cameroon.