Nikolic: 97 Professional Soldiers who have turned 45 will be transferred to work in correctional facilities

Dragan Nikolic, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense gave a press statement today along with the Director of the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions Jovica Stojanovic, highlighting the care of the professional soldiers aged 45 who have been part of the Army.

Nikolic underlined that in consultation with a number of relevant institutions, they have come up with an optimal solution together with the defense unions for about a hundred professional soldiers whose service in our Army has been completed. He added that as of tomorrow, 1 November, 97 professional soldiers who have reached the age limit of 45 will continue their working careers in the correctional facilities throughout the country until their retirement.

“By addressing the problem of these hundred professional soldiers, we are also demonstrating that we are fully committed to human resources and their motivation, interest and desire to continue to do their best in serving their state. They are trained for this job and will be able to apply their knowledge and everything the Army and the state has invested in them in their new jobs. With this project, we have solved the existential issue of our professional soldiers, the most important issue until they meet the retirement requirements. In the same way, we continue to work diligently and responsibly for every member who fulfills the requirements and enters the civil service” Nikolic said.

The Director of the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions Jovica Stojanovic said that he is very pleased that the correctional facilities are receiving qualified staff ready to perform the duties in their new jobs.