Open “Summer Campus 2012″

„“This is a great opportunity for the future military leaders to experience the challenges of working in multinational environments, something that will certainly be present in their future work in the NATO missions,” said Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Emil Dimitriev in his opening address, at today’s ceremony marking the opening of the “Summer Campus 2012”, at the Training Centre “Pepelishte”.

The participants of the campus held for the third consecutive year are the cadets from the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, the United Kingdom and Turkey, as well as students from several state and private universities in Macedonia.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister Dimitriev said that “through the participation of civil-military component, the “Summer Camp 2012” aims to enable the participants to experience the complexity of the cooperation between the civilian and military components in such a scope of activities and create a clear picture of the basic goals that define the cooperative security as part of the new NATO strategic concept for the future soldiers and civilian leaders.”

Namely, this year the campus entitled “The implementation of cooperative security as seen through the indirect approach to civil-military and counter-insurgency operations” will cover the two leading lines of operations, the above mentioned civil-military and counter-insurgent operations. Considering the duration and complexity, the campus will not be able to encompass all the activities and procedures needed for the successful management and implementation of the cooperative security, it will focus on the fundamentals upon which this concept lies, i.e. creating a clear picture for the future military and civilian leaders concerning the main goals set by the cooperative security as part of the new NATO strategic concept.

The Campus, which will run from 19 to 29 June was organized by the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” and supported by the Ministry of Defence and the ARM General Staff.