Minister Radmila Shekerinska in Kumanovo at the closing ceremony of the successful NATO week: the political and economic confirmation of the NATO membership importance is here

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska paid a working visit to Kumanovo, today. During the visit the Minister met with the Mayor, Maksim Dimitrievski, and attended the closing ceremony of the successful NATO week dedicated to our membership and the 70th anniversary of the Alliance.

Minister Shekerinska underlined that the political and economic confirmation of the NATO membership importance for our country was visible during the NATO week, not only for the security, but also for the economy.

“Recently, it was confirmed that after the long years of a lower credit rating as a country we managed to improve our credit rating, which means that the country and the companies and citizens can receive funding on more favourable terms. Furthermore, the growth of exports, the increase in the foreign direct investment and especially the fall in the unemployment has shown that when the country is making the right steps in the political area, that is immediately reflected positively in the economic results”,  said the Minister.

What we need now, said Shekerinska, is to continue finalizing the process of ratification of the NATO membership, which we are convinced that it will happen this year, start the negotiations with the EU and show that this country learned from its mistakes and literally in the forthcoming period will provide a safer country, and at the same time more opportunities for all its citizens.

The citizens gathered from Kumanovo and the members of the Army were able to see part of the military equipment and capacities available to the Army. They also showed some of the skills that the soldiers learn, all accompanied by the performance of the military band and guard.

The NATO Week began last week, and lasted until today. Organized by the Ministry of Defence and its partners, the NATO Week feature several panel discussions attended by distinguished guests from the defence and the defence policy, as well as a joint concert of the armed forces of our country, the UK, the USA, Greece and Slovenia. We also organized a museum exhibition, and promoted special stamps dedicated to NATO for the first time. The NATO Week was enriched with more open events in Skopje and throughout the country in order to enable to citizens to understand upfront about our NATO membership and the opportunities offered to us as the future, 30th NATO member.