Shekerinska in the “Ilinden” barracks: 2020 was the year when we achieved the greatest success in defence

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, attended the opening of the joint shooting range of the Army and the Ministry of Interior in the “Ilinden” barracks.

In addressing the audience, Shekerinska noted that with making the Shooting Range operational, the security forces are gaining another capacity that will increase the opportunities for developing the skills of its members.

“This joint project with the Ministry of Interior, in addition to affirming the cooperation between the two leading security institutions, also means saving resources and money, but what is important for us as a NATO member is that this shooting range will add value to our identity card in NATO because it will also be our state capacity that will be used in the exercises that we will conduct together with NATO members or with some of the partners. I am especially glad that in conditions of a declared state of crisis where the main burden fell on the health authorities, but also on the police and the Army with their support, we are showing that we know how there should be cooperation among institutions that are in charge of the most important things in the country”, the Minister said.

Referring to this year, Shekerinska said that although the world will remember it according to the pandemic, for us it was not a lost year. “From tomorrow we are entering the last week of 2020, a year that we want to forget. However, in the most difficult year as a country, we secured the greatest state success. And in this 2020, which the world will remember as wasted due to the corona crisis, for us it will be a year in which after 30 years of a marathon we managed to become the 30th member of the most powerful military-political alliance”, underlined Shekerinska.

The Minister expressed hope that 2021 will be a year of many new good beginnings, a year in which the Army and the police will cooperate more on projects and less on dealing with crisis situations.

The opening of the Shooting Range was also attended by the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, the Chief of General Staff of the Army, Vasko Gjurchinovski, and other senior figures from both institutions.

The shooting range will be used for night and day shooting and urban warfare exercises, and in addition to police Special Forces, it will also be used by the Army’s three elite battalions – Special Forces, reconnaissance and military intelligence and military police.