Shekerinska – Xhaçka: The success of North Macedonia regarding the NATO membership is a success for the entire region and NATO

Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska, today met with the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Albania, Olta Xhaçka, who is paying an official visit to the Republic of North Macedonia for the first time.

Minister Shekerinska underlined that the countries of the region have demonstrated that they know how to cooperate, respect each other and give their full support in the most important moments.

“The Republic of Albania did this by offering its continued support for our membership in the NATO Alliance, but also with the exceptionally express reaction, when on the 14th of this month, as the third country, immediately after Greece and Slovenia, it ratified the Accession Protocol, for the accession of North Macedonia to the NATO Alliance. This is the act of a good friend and a trusted ally. And I would like to reassure you that it is much appreciated and remembered”, said Minister Shekerinska.

Minister Shekerinska added that despite the focus for NATO and EU membership, the government has been working intensively on improving the functioning of the institutions. She cited the success of the Ministry of Defence, which according to the analysis for transparency, accountability and integrity of the institutions in the area of ​​public procurement, made a breakthrough and came in among the first three institutions with the highest transparency, accountability and integrity in the public procurements.

Minister Shekerinska expressed hope that in the year that marks the 10th anniversary of Albania as a NATO member, and the 70th anniversary of NATO, the Alliance will become richer for another member, the Republic of North Macedonia.

In her statement, Minister Xhaçka said that signing the NATO membership protocol is a very important moment, which will make the whole region safer, more stable and able to see the future with more optimism.

“Albania sees the stability and security of the Republic of North Macedonia as one of the main conditions for the security of the whole region, and our support in this great process was one of the main strategic goals. That is the reason why Albania ratified the NATO accession protocol and that is why we Albanians, but also those who want stability and development of the region, see the good opportunities of the neighbours in that way”.

Minister Xhaçka stressed that citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, language, want development, a more prosperous life, tranquillity and a safe environment, and that the region has moved in that direction.

During the meeting, the two delegations discussed the improvement of the mutual cooperation in the defence, the joint contribution to the Resolute Support Mission, the participation in the US-Adriatic Initiative and the participation of the members of our Army in the multinational exercise which, this year, is to take place in Albania.