New officers ready to serve for their own Army – promotion of the 14th class cadets of the Military Academy

Thirty-four cadets from the 14th class cadets of the Military Academy as well as two cadets of the aviation class were promoted in officer ranks today at the ceremony in the barracks „Goce Delchev”.

On this occasion, the Minister for Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, addressed the newly promoted lieutenants and second lieutenants stating that their devotion and their promotion are a proof that the Army of the Republic of Macedonia has place only for “the best of the best”. “I am convinced that you will respond to the challenge of being an officer with dignity, and you will make your parents, Macedonia and Montenegro proud for having sons and daughters like you”, added the Minister, having in mind that 28 cadets have studied in the 14th class from the Republic of Macedonia and 6 cadets from Montenegro.

In front of the present state and military leadership, including the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov and the Chief of General Staff of the Army of Republic of Macedonia, Lieutenant General Gorancho Koteski, then the Deputy Minister of Defence, the Deputy Chief of General Staff, State Secretary of MoD, the Dean of the Military Academy, the Montenegrin delegation and others, Minister Jolevski addressed the position of the Military Academy in the educational system and the future plans for its development.

“Having in mind that education is the key tool for success in every field, including defence, we intend to establish the Military Academy as a respectable regional officer training centre according to the standards of the NATO member countries”, he stated. Our goal is, Minister Jolevski added, to conduct some programs in the third and fourth year of studies at the MA in English, which will enable the future officers of the ARM and the armies from the region that educate their personnel here to be fully interoperable with the NATO member countries.

My goal, Minister Jolevski said, is to have an even stronger Military Academy that will continue to produce credible personnel.

The first-ranked cadet from this class, Second Lieutenant Nenad Dubljevic, on behalf of all his colleagues, expressed his gratitude for the support provided by their professors and mentors in the course of their education. “Thank you for the high level of knowledge you have given to us and we hope that we will make you proud“, the Second Lieutenant said. Addressing his colleagues, he said: “Today, our dream has come true!“.

At the ceremony, the three first-ranked second lieutenants were awarded presents from the President, the Defence Minister and the Chief of General Staff.

As part of the 14th class of the Military Academy, 10 female members were produced into the rank of second lieutenants, out of whom 8 are from the Republic of Macedonia and 2 from Montenegro.

In addition, the representatives from Monte Negro who attended the ceremony, had a meeting today with the State Secretary in the MoD, Sasho Stefanoski, at which they expressed their gratitude for the possibility to educate their personnel at the Military Academy in the Republic of Macedonia and for the assistance of the Macedonian Ministry of Defence in building their institutional capacities since the very beginning in 2006. state Secretary Stefanoski underlined that we are open for continuing the mutual cooperation, which is the pillar for developing interoperability in a regional context, and in the future, in a NATO context as well. We are sorry that there was no invitation for NATO membership and we understand how you feel, said the State Secretary and added that Macedonia is in the 15th MAP cycle and that we are ready to help in every possible way in that context.

At the meeting, they pointed out the Pilot Training Centre in the Republic of Macedonia, which possesses cutting-edge technology and standards and the Balkan Medical Task Force, as a very important regional project, as future areas where the cooperation can be further intensified.