Shekerinska: None of the professional soldiers who have turned 45 years of age will not be left in the lurch – you have served the Army honourably, the state will serve you!

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska together with State Secretary Dragan Nikolikj and representatives from the Department of Human Resources in the MoD and J-1 General Staff, today, at the Army Hall met with members of the Army that are meeting the requirement of turning 45 years of age this year, which ends their service in the Army.

Minister Shekerinska expressed her gratitude to all professional soldiers for their dedication and commitment in serving the Army and said that – as the last 2019 ended with the satisfaction of all members who were transferred to work in the Prison Authority, this year the services in Ministry of Defence and General Staff led by the state Secretary Dragan Nikolikj will find the best possible solutions for the future career of the soldiers whose service ends upon turning 45 years of age.

- We did not leave any soldier in the lurch in 2019, we are not planning to leave anyone this year. You served the Army faithfully and honourably, now the Army and the state will serve you – said Minister Shekerinska.

State Secretary Dragan Nikolikj said that in the past period, the Ministry of Defence together with the General Staff and Defence Union representatives dedicated particular attention and paid focus on this crucial sensitive issue.
- The Ministry and the General Staff took concrete measures in terms of the new formation of the Army. The new amendments allow for the professional soldiers who have turned 45 years of age and are working on certain specific positions to remain in the army and work in the same positions as civilians – said Nikolikj.

The Ministry of Defence and the Government made serious steps towards worthy continuation of the career of professional soldiers who have turned 45 years of age, paying particular attention to ensure appropriate working conditions on the new job. No soldier will remain unsatisfied – said Nikolikj, which was welcomed with approval by the attendants.