State Secretary Dragan Nikolic in a visit of RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation

In the capacity of Chairperson of the highest steering body of this international organization – the Multinational Advisory Group, Nikolic held meetings with the Director of RACVIAC, Major General Jeronim Bazo, with the Deputy Director, Major General Slaven Zdilar, as well as with the key staff. During the meetings they reviewed in detail the activities of the RACVIAC programme for each of the three pillars individually, the situation with the personnel, the financial situation and the distribution of budget funds. They also discussed the mission, tasks and goals of RACVIAC, the manner of functioning and decision-making, the expressed needs of member states, the engagement of lecturers and experts, as well as the interest of participants.

It was jointly concluded that RACVIAC, as the only international organization of this type, is a project that works dedicatedly for the region. This Centre, supported by its partners, has made an outstanding contribution to improving the ongoing security cooperation between SEE countries and achieving lasting peace and prosperity.

“The Republic of North Macedonia, with its strong commitment to regional cooperation, during the period in which it is chairing the MAG, will continue to support the efforts for the further intensification of the role of RACVIAC in the region. Our obligation is now, not only to maintain the achieved level, but also to ensure even more intensive cooperation in the field of security of SEE countries” – said State Secretary Nikolic.

For the first time since the forming of RACVIAC, the Republic of North Macedonia took over the chairmanship of the Multinational Advisory Group (MAG) – the highest steering body of this international organization for the period from October 2020 to October 2021, and the MAG is chaired by State Secretary Nikolic.