The NATO Liaison Office has completed its work successfully

706700c4-12f5-4102-ae6f-65d3b0dac694The NATO Liaison Office in Skopje has successfully completed its mission. One year after the full membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in the Alliance, the NATO office leaves the country.

- The NATO Office team helped us prioritize the reforms that NATO expected of us. The NATO office has been at our disposal with its advice for almost two decades, but I think we have used it the most in the last three years. Because we really wanted to hear what they were saying and do our part – said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska and presented a plaque to the Chief of the NATO Office, Zoran Jankovic.

- Colonel Jankovic, you and your team have that privilege: you can look back on the previous 20 years and say that you have completed the mission with utter success. You arrived in a country with a serious internal crisis and conflicts, and now you are leaving a NATO member state – said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska.

The Chief of the NATO Liaison Office, Jankovic, said that he is convinced of the ability of North Macedonia to independently continue with the integration and transformation of the defence sector, and thus the task of the NATO Office in Skopje has been successfully completed.

- The team of the NATO Liaison Office did everything it could to help the national authorities on the road to NATO. But, the biggest credit for the final result – NATO membership – is yours! Without a clear vision, goal and dedicated work of the institutions in North Macedonia, especially the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Staff and the Army, that result would not have been achieved. I hope we have made a small but significant contribution to this success – said Jankovic.

On the road of North Macedonia to NATO, the NATO office teams gave exceptional support for two decades to the Macedonian institutions for achieving their strategic goal.