Shekerinska from the athletic race in Skopje: We running together towards the goal – NATO, it was difficult, but we succeeded

Today, in the City Park, there was a NATO – Athletic Race, organized by the Ministry of Defence, the Army, the Atlantic Council and the Athletic Federation, on the occasion of the NATO Week and the 70th anniversary of the Alliance.

Along with citizens, the race was attended by the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, the Chief of the General Staff, General Vasko Gjurcinovski, the EU Ambassador, Samuel Žbogar, the Head of NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, Colonel Janković, members of the Army and the Ministry of Defence.

“Today, symbolically, we showed that all these years we were running towards our common goal – and that is NATO membership, and that race was unfortunately more difficult than today’s race. It lasted a long time and it required a lot of effort and sacrifice. But, our country has reached its goal. We have shown that we are all united in our desire to see this country as a better, safer, and a more prosperous country. Therefore, we ran towards NATO and as a result of our great effort and great energy, we have succeeded in this goal”, said Minister Shekerinska.

The race was opened by the Head of the NATO Liaison Office, Zoran Janković, who expressed his conviction that our country will soon be the 30th member state of the Alliance.

260 competitors ran the 3k and 5k race. The best three participants of the 3k and 5k race will get the opportunity to participate in the international marathon abroad. The winners will be announced at tomorrow’s Army open day, in the City Park in Skopje, near Shkolka (the Shell).