Shekerinska at the Meetings of NATO Ministers of Defence – the future of NATO missions in Afghanistan and Iraq are discussed

The second working day of the Meetings of NATO Ministers of Defence was dedicated to the future of NATO missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Regarding the NATO mission “Resolute Support”, where North Macedonia also contributes with its forces, the defence ministers shared the view that peace negotiations must continue, with a clear condition to reduce violence and to respect the terms of the previously reached agreement. The Allies are unanimous that the Alliance’s further presence in Afghanistan is based on the fulfilment of certain conditions and that no ally will stay longer than necessary in Afghanistan. The Alliance will leave Afghanistan when the time is right.

Our country’s views on the NATO mission in Iraq are in line with those of the NATO defence ministers. At the request of the Government of Iraq, the ministers are expected to expand their engagement in this mission with more personnel for training and advising the security institutions in Iraq. The expansion of the NATO mission will take place in stages, in response to the situation in Iraq, and with the goal that the Global Coalition against international terrorism is sure that ISIS will not return in this country again.