The monitoring of the environment during the "Decisive Strike" exercise confirmed that there are no harmful consequences to the environment, citizens and their health

The monitoring that was carried out on the environment during the exercise “Decisive Strike”, in cooperation with the laboratory “AMBICON” from the University “Goce Delchev” in Shtip and the Institute for Public Health, showed that during the exercise there were no harmful consequences to the environment, the citizens and their health.

During today’s visit of Krivolak, Minister Shekerinska informed about the results of the tests, and stressed that this type of environmental monitoring will become a standard during the carrying out of these types of exercises.

Professor Dejan Mirakovski, Vice-Rector of the “Goce Delcev” University of Shtip and Head of the Field Laboratory for Living and Working Environment, “AMBICON”, explained in detail the monitoring and the obtained results that confirmed the fact that there is no pollution of the environment from the exercise activities.

“The monitoring was permanent from 30 May until 30 June. The concentrations of suspended solids were measured in real time. In general, none of the results exceeded the allowed norms for a 24-hour value. On average, they range from 20-30 micrograms per cubic meter. On one of the locations in the soldiers’ camp a gravimetric sampler was placed, which serves to check the chemical composition of the dust. All inorganic elements were analyzed – this means typical dust, corresponding to the geological origin of the ground in the zone of Krivolak. None of the heavy metals are over the permissible, they are even absent in some locations”, explained Professor Mirakovski.