The mobile hospital is ready: Ministers Shekerinska and Filipce and Mayor Shilegov during their visit expressed satisfaction that the facilities for Covid-19 patients are almost doubling

The Cooperation of the Ministry of Defence and the Army with the Ministry of Health and the City of Skopje today resulted in the full set up of the Role 2 mobile military hospital that the army erected to expand the capacity of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases which is caring for the citizens with Covid-19.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska and Health Minister Venko Filipce together with the Mayor of Skopje Peter Shilegov today paid a visit to the mobile hospital where they expressed satisfaction with the effective cooperation of the institutions.

“The engineering units of the Army, and the team in the Military Medical Centre of the Army showed that they are here when we need them, and immediately mobilized and provided this impressive result. But, the work does not stop here. As you can see, now the work of fully equipping this mobile hospital begins. We hope that all the capacities will not have to be used, but the state has to secure extra capacities, and the best option for that is as we set it up, in the area directly next to the Clinical Center. This option to have everything in the immediate range of the Clinic for Infective Diseases is the best solution,” said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska.

Shekerinska emphasized the alliance with NATO as an advantage in situations like the present. “The engagement of the so called ROLE 2 mobile hospital shows that even in situations like this, our membership and partnership with NATO countries helps. This hospital and the entire equipment in it was a donation by one of our strong supporters on the path towards NATO membership, the Kingdom of Norway, and we are expecting to receive additional medical support regarding this project in the following period. This shows that NATO membership means support when you most need it,” said Minister Shekerinska and thanked the Kingdom of Norway for donating this hospital several years ago and which will now be fully engaged for the first time.

Minister of Health, Assoc. Dr. Venko Filipce thanked the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska and the Mayor of the City of Skopje Peter Shilegov for the express clearing of the space and the set up of the mobile hospital next to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions.
“On this location, for several years, there was a derelict barracks dormitory “Medicinar”. The site was cleared and in this was we provided the perfect location for setting up this mobile hospital, which will have a capacity of 130 beds. In this way we practically doubled the capacity of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases. The complete installation and operation will be in the course of the following week. We sincerely hope that there will be no need to use this facility for now, as the capacity of the Clinic itself is currently used with just over 50 percent. I believe there will be a curve of new patients which will be practically covered by the clinic”, emphasized Minister Filipce.

The Skopje Mayor Peter Shilegov underlined the excellent interagency cooperation between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence and the City of Skopje.
“I am proud of the people of the city, the people of the working unit from the Ministry of Health and our Army, who with superhuman efforts literally worked day and night. We were the first to clear this area that was ruined and that presented a decade long problem here in the Clinical Centre, we properly prepared the ground and in record time placed this manoeuvre hospital, which according to the needs and the results of the health care providers can increase the capacity by 130 beds, for which we sincerely hope there will never be used “, said the Mayor.

“The best thing we can do at this point, each of us individually and we as an institution, is to listen to the advice coming from the authorized health institutions, in the first place from the Minister of Health, to stay home, to keep social distance, to stand 1.5 to 2 meters apart, in order as a nation, people and country to succeed in avoiding what we can see happening in countries that did not take timely measures for protection against the pandemic”, said Shilegov.