Shekerinska on the first academic day of the Faculty of Security: The chapter on NATO accession completed with success, now we are opening a new one for more opportunities for the younger generations

“Our country declared that it wanted to become a member of NATO at a time when most of those present here, all of you students, were not even born yet. That dream lasted too long. We had to bring that long marathon to the end because both the state and the citizens, and especially the young people, had expectations and were tired of those betrayed expectations. This Government and this team decided that the status quo must change and that we need to make a quantum leap forward. And indeed it happened, our country became a member of NATO,” said Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska in her address to the newly enrolled students at the Faculty of Security at today’s formal start of the new academic year and the solemn celebration of the first academic day.

Shekerinska stressed that NATO membership is a chapter that we have crowned with success, but now we are opening a new one. “The EU and NATO flags next to the Macedonian flag do not show only words, they show that we are really ready to change the country for the better to deserve them and to ensure NATO security and European prosperity for all of us,” the Minister said.

Speaking about the role of security in the new time and the opportunities offered in the new curricula, Minister Shekerinska underlined that security, as she said, also includes the capacity of the state to be able to deal with an epidemic as we are facing now. “Security also means whether the state will be able to successfully adapt to climate change, whether it will provide affordable and quality food, whether it will protect its computer systems, whether it will protect us from constant intrusions into both our privacy and our rights,” the Minister stated.

The Dean Nikola Dujovski, the Vice Rector of the University “Kliment Ohridski” Marjan Gjurovski and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Magdalena Nestorovska also addressed the students of the Faculty of Security.