In three years, we have delivered both NATO membership and greater representation of women in defense – Shekerinska at a virtual table of the Global Summit of Women

This afternoon, Minister Shekerinska participated in a virtual round ministerial table organized by the Global Summit of Women dedicated to the position of women, their leadership specifics and projects for their social and economic equality with men.

In her address, Minister Shekerinska highlighted her commitment to increasing the representation of women in the defense and the Army and the excellent result thereof.

“I took the helm of defense three years ago with a clear goal of becoming a NATO member as soon as possible. And we did. But that did not stop us from raising the gender issue high on the agenda of the Ministry and in the Army at the same time. “We succeeded on this issue as well – we changed the perception that the Army is a field only for men”, the Minister underlined.

Shekerinska added that the presence of more women in the Army and the defense is a message that things have changed and that women have something to contribute to security.

“The percentage of women in the Army is constantly increasing, we have tripled the number of women colonels, and we are proud that we have increased the number of women in senior positions in the defense from 32 to 58 percent, and the number of cadets in the Military Academy has risen from 23 to 48 percent “, said Shekerinska.

The conference was opened by the President of the Global Summit of Women Irene Natividad and the virtual table was attended by senior government officials from more than 20 countries and the United Nations, and prominent advocates for women’s rights.