Shekerinska at the North Atlantic Council in Brussels – today’s meetings devoted to defence budgeting and the mission in Afghanistan

The North Atlantic Council Defence Ministerial, in which Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska is taking part, is continuing today with two sessions devoted to defence budgeting and the Alliance’s mission in Afghanistan, “Resolute Support”.

Minister Shekerinska informed that in the past two years the defence budget is growing and the country is well underway to achieve the planned 2 percent of gross domestic product allocated to the defence by 2024.

At the meeting dedicated to mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan, Minister Shekerinska welcomed and supported NATO’s efforts for establishing stability, security, peace, freedom and democracy in this country. She noted that our country will continue to contribute forces to this mission and that we now have 47 soldiers, NCOs and officers. This fact demonstrates that North Macedonia does not deviate from its position and always makes decisions that are good for the region, the Alliance, and the world.

Today, Shekerinska had two separate meetings with the Defence Ministers of Italy, Elisabetta Trenta and Poland, Mariusz Błaszczak.

At the meeting with Minister Trento, Shekerinska reaffirmed the positions of North Macedonia that Italy was and remains an extremely important partner and soon an ally to our country and that we appreciate all the support provided by Italy to date, especially in the last crucial period for our country. Minister Trenta said that the support continues and that Italy is in the process of ratifying the Accession Protocol for North Macedonia’s membership to NATO.

The extremely good bilateral cooperation between North Macedonia and Poland which was crowned with the ratification of the accession protocol for membership of our country in the alliance in April was confirmed at the meeting between Shekerinska – Błaszczak. Minister Błaszczak said that defence cooperation was excellent and that it would enhance even further in the future.

After the meeting of the North Atlantic Council, Minister Shekerinska will attend the German Marshall Fund Brussels forum, where she will speak on the innovation and the new approach to security.