The Ministry of Defence will provide scholarships to students with specialties relevant to defence

“From the beginning of 2021, as the Ministry of Defence, we will start with scholarships for young people who study and are being educated for so-called critical specialties – areas that are needed by the Army and our defence, which we do not have enough of”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska on today’s joint meeting with the Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska, with students who won awards at international Olympiads in Informatics.

In a statement to the media, Minister Shekerinska added that “the scholarship will cover all years of study, with the only condition that the candidates undertake a commitment after graduation to work for the benefit of the defence and the army, which will enable the creation of a better defence system, more functional Army, and we will have something to offer to part of the NATO command structures”.

The scholarship will be intended for the first cycle of academic studies. The amount of the monthly scholarship will range from 45 to 70 percent of the average monthly net salary paid in the country in the last three months, depending on the student’s academic year. It will be paid 12 months in the year, and compensations and cash prizes are also foreseen. In addition to compensation for tuition fee, the scholarship holders will also receive reimbursement for the purchase of school materials, reimbursement for the purchase of materials for the elaboration of a diploma thesis, a cash prize for completing the academic year in the regular exam deadlines.

Upon completion of the studies, the scholarship holders will be employed in the service of the Army, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Service, without publishing an advertisement, with the signing of a contract for employment.