Minister Shekerinska from the barracks in Kichevo: We have brought the country into NATO, we have provided better conditions and higher salaries, we have improved gender equality

In the previous period we have invested in two fronts in the Army – one was NATO membership, the other was the improvement of working and living conditions in the Army. All salaries have risen by more than fifty percent; we have provided new uniforms and boots at once, which has never happened in the history of our Army. We provided the first modernization with armoured vehicles and with engineering machines, and we have made the Ministry the most transparent institution in the whole country. This was stressed by Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska during today’s visit of the Kichevo barracks “Chede Filipovski – Dame”, where she was briefed on a topic that, she said, is important for her and the Government – equal rights between men and women in the Army.

“Our Army is an Army of all male and female citizens of the country and that is why it should take into account the equality between men and women. I am pleased that in recent years we have seriously increased the number of women – officers. “The number of colonels in the Army has tripled, i.e. female colonels in the Army, and we have increased the number of females enrolled in the Military Academy”, the minister said

Shekerinska said that this means creating a youth that will really be a NATO youth and added that as a result of this investment, one of our female cadets was awarded as the best foreign cadet at the Military Academy in Austria.

“It’s worth investing in women; it’s worth investing in women in the Army. At today’s meeting, we confirmed that as a NATO member state, we have a lot to offer. For the first time we are making an additional plan for this gender perspective in the Army and defence as well, and we will have something to be proud of in front of our female members and our male and female citizens, but also in front of NATO”, the minister concluded.