Macedonian peacekeepers in NATO, EU and UN missions with the only message to Minister Shekerinska: good health, high morale, consistent in performing tasks

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, spoke via video conference with the members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, deployed on three continents in the missions of NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.

“I am pleased to see you all healthy and alive. This year, I primarily wish you good health because the crisis with the pandemic has shown us that it is invaluable. I thank you, because in such conditions and challenges, you are carrying out your tasks in the most professional, dedicated and motivated way, which shows that North Macedonia remains an ally of the greatest trust in NATO, but also in the missions of the EU and the United Nations”, Minister Shekerinska said on the meeting. She added that the experiences gained by the peacekeepers in the missions will be of great importance for the preparations of the Army at home, but also for their colleagues in the next rotations.

Shekerinska said that this generation of peacekeepers will go down in history as the generation that first showed what our value is, but not only as a partner, but also as a full member of NATO, as an ally.

“This was a difficult year with many challenges due to the pandemic, but also a year of the greatest successes in defence. Our membership in NATO gives you the opportunity to say that you are the first peacekeepers to take part in the missions as equals with your colleagues from allied nations. You are showing that the Army of North Macedonia can be counted on as an ally in NATO”, the minister said.

The minister greeted the peacekeepers in Afghanistan who were affected by the pandemic, but overcame the illness without consequences. The contingent in KFOR, whose number will increase this year, shows that we can also contribute to regional security – she said, and to the peacekeepers who are representing us for the first time in the African continent in the EU mission in the Central African Republic, she said that their experience is precious to show and strengthen our role in EU missions. We continue to support their efforts for lasting peace and security in Lebanon as well, participating in the UNIFIL mission of the United Nations.

The video conference was attended by members of the Macedonian contingents in the NATO missions “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan and KFOR in Kosovo, the missions of the European Union, ALTEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Central African Republic, and the United Nations mission in Lebanon, UNIFIL. They sent the only message – that morale and health are at a high level, that they are performing their tasks consistently and have excellent cooperation with their colleagues from allied countries.

The video – meeting was also addressed by the Deputy Chief of General Staff, General Azim Nuredin, and the Commander of the Operations Command, General Pavle Arsoski, who expressed satisfaction of the results of our peacekeepers.