Macedonia deserves to be part of the NATO-Alliance: lecture by Sally Painter at the Military Academy

“Trust and confidence are essential for expansion of the Alliance. The Republic of Macedonia deserves to be part of NATO and the leadership in the country should continue with their activities in order to achieve this goal”, said Sally Painter in her lecture at the Military Academy, on the topic “The NATO Summit in Cardiff: Strategy for expansion and experiences from previous summits”.

On that occasion the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, representing the guest from the United States of America, said that Sally Painter is a prominent person in this process in the USA, who has worked in different positions in the administration, in the private sector and in the “think-tank” community, a person that shares experiences with us with regard to some previous summits for expansion and a person that encourages us in our efforts to receive an invitation for membership in NATO.

Precisely in the context of sharing experiences from previous summits, Ms. Painter stressed that each NATO expansion thus far has represented a challenge and that for each expansion there have been members that have opposed this. “For the entrance of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary in NATO, in 1999 there was opposition, and it was the same case with the Baltic countries. Yet, there was expansion. This is why we all need to be engaged and to work on how to achieve progress and to turn the NATO Summit in Cardiff into a Summit for expansion”, stressed Painter.

At the same time, in front of the Chief of General Staff of the ARM, Lieutenant General Gorancho Koteski, the Deputy Minister and State Secretary in the Ministry, the Dean of the Military Academy, as well as the remaining military officials, representatives of the Cabinet of the President and Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ambassadors and defence attaches in our country, she noted that the decisions are political and that they can be changed. “Challenges exist, but leaders can meet and reach a certain different political decision. There is a possibility and it is important to not miss it”, concluded Sally Painter in her lecture.