The Light Infantry Battle Group will be our NATO capacity – the collective training of our soldiers with a team from the United Kingdom has started

“Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, together with the British Ambassador to the country, Rachel Galloway, visited the members of the Army from the Light Infantry Battalion, who under the mentorship of a mobile training team from the United Kingdom, are conducting collective training at the Military Range Krivolak.”

“The Light Infantry Battle Group will be our capacity that will become a NATO capacity, along with another group of structures such as for example the special forces”, said Minister Shekerinska and added that the focus in 2021 will be on this unit located in Shtip – by providing the necessary staff, the necessary training and equipment that corresponds to the standards of the Alliance.

The Minister informed that the members of the Army, together with the teams from the United Kingdom, have this year already worked on individual training and now the collective training has started, which allows our NATO formation to practically meet the standards expected from a member of the Alliance.
“I am convinced that in 2022, the Republic of North Macedonia will provide what it has declared as its NATO resource and the obligations it has undertaken as a NATO member state”, Shekerinska said.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the continuous and consistent support given by the United Kingdom in the field of defence and emphasized that it helped in the process of transformation, in planning, and now helps in these concrete steps of training of our main structures in the Army.

Ambassador Galloway stressed that the presence of the United Kingdom training team from the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guard is a continuation of the long-standing support and is an indication of the closeness of the bilateral security relations between North Macedonia and the United Kingdom. She added that Military Range Krivolak represents an outstanding capacity, not only for our country, but also for regional partners and for NATO, and that with the investments in infrastructure, Krivolak offers “a great opportunity for partners in the region to perform complex exercises using world-class capacities”.

The training, mentored by the British Mobile Training Team, started in January 2020 with individual training of 28 professional soldiers, and continued with the training of seven officers from the same unit. Professional expert training and collective training at the level of a section has been carried out and collective training is currently being carried out on the 1st Infantry Company. According to the plans, what follows is advanced individual and collective training, tactical exercises and participation in the big exercise “Decisive Strike 21″ next year at “Krivolak”.