Military and civilian personnel from the Military Medical Centre will work in the public health system

The military and civilian personnel from the medical, pharmaceutical or dental profession working in the Military Medical Centre will have the option to work a certain number of hours in the public health system. This is part of the new amendments to the Law on Army Service announced today by the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska and the Minister of Health, Venko Filipche.

This will be the contribution of the Army to the public health, to the patients and citizens, but at the same time it will be an opportunity for the medical personnel from the Military Medical Centre to gain additional experience and additional income – said Minister Shekerinska.

“In this way we will strengthen the capacity particularly of the medical specialists. The Military Medical Centre employs more than 20 specialists. We have an additional number of younger colleagues who are currently specializing and they their range of knowledge and experiences would not be utilized as much if they work exclusively for the needs of the Army. In this way they will assist the public health, and the Law also provides for the personnel from the public health to be able to participate in certain NATO missions along with the army military medical personnel, which is a good financial injection for their family budgets”, said Shekerinska.

Health Minister Venko Filipche said that this news was in line with the strategy for human resources in the health sector which the Ministry is currently working on. The strategy refers to the period by 2026 and all the modalities for further improving the situation in the health sector will be presented in the afore-stated strategy.

By amending the Law on health care, each team of doctors and nurses will be maximally utilized and the medical specialists doctors will be able to fully realize their practice. This law provides for additional work of all medical specialists in health care facilities where there are no specialists for a particular area. In this way we are building on the specialization, strengthening the personnel, firstly by the duty shifts of the medical personnel, and then by entering the My term system, added Filipche.

He noted that thanks to the amendment to the Service Law all employees in the MMC will be able to build on their expertise, earn an additional income and enable the Public Health to benefit from the addition of personnel where it is lacking the most.

“This Centre will become more attractive for young doctors as well, because in addition to their obligations as part of the MMC which are tied to the Army, they will receive access to additional options within the NATO system, and at the same time they will be able to contribute to the Public Health” – added Filipche.

Minister Shekerinska announced another novelty that provides the Law on Service in the Army, and refers to the civilians in the Army. With the amendments to the Law, the civilians serving in the Army will get 10% higher wages, which will bring their salaries closer to the salaries of the military personnel.

“According to the law, all civilians working in the army will receive additional revenues because their salaries have long been underestimated. We had a case in MMC where a person with a medical faculty, which has higher education has a lower salary than those who work in the same office, and are employed with secondary education”, explained the Minister.