Shekerinska on the census: It is time to make the count, we have waited long enough!

20“After two decades, we finally have the knowledge, the opportunity and the agreement that the census is the most important statistical operation that we must not delay. The upcoming census on the population is our joint obligation and responsibility. We need to see how many we are, in order to create appropriate policies that will be realistic and based on the true picture of the Macedonian society”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska in a video address to the citizens.

Shekerinska noted that the census will show where there are the most unemployed and which policy on the development of employment will give the best results. She said that the census will assist in the employment of young people in the defence and in the development of the crisis management system.

“With the right data, we will also be able to better rejuvenate the defence. To attract young soldiers precisely from the surroundings where we have the most unemployed, to help those young people get the opportunities for career advancement provided by the military profession. This statistical data is also crucial to developing a better crisis management system. The counting and the census, for example, will tell us how many firefighters there should be in each of your surroundings. To know how much is needed in every city, in every municipality. Only by knowing how many we are, we can organize a system that will always be complete and ready to help you, your families, your neighbours”, said Minister Shekerinska.

The census is a joint responsibility, but also a joint opportunity for better local development, added Shekerinska and said – let’s count, we waited long enough.