The army rejuvenates when you invest in it – 1800 applied on the competition for 200 professional soldiers

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, visited the candidates for professional soldiers at the Military Stadium, where physical checks are currently being carried out.

Minister Shekerinska stressed that the investments over the past three years in the Army, especially the increase of salaries, the improvement of working conditions, the return of trust, have resulted this competition to have about 1800 candidates who applied for 200 positions.

“The first competition 3 years ago, where we required 125 professional soldiers, gathered around 200 candidates and it was difficult to find people from those candidates who meet all the conditions. Three years have passed, we have invested in the Army, we have invested in the defence and that is why at the beginning of the year we had 700 candidates for 70 positions. Now after announcing a competition for 200 soldiers, we have received over 1800 candidates and that shows that the Army will be rejuvenated and that the Army can be rejuvenated only if you invest in higher salaries, better equipment, better image and, of course, if you invest in better opportunities for all those who work in the Army”.

She added that the increased interest of young people to join the Army is also a result of our membership in NATO, and with a larger number of candidates, the Army will receive quality staff.

“The army has always restored confidence in it, it has been able to respond to tasks even in the most difficult circumstances, but now we have shown that the state values ​​its soldiers, its officers and young people from all ethnic communities – both men and women, they showed this with this interest. I expect and hope that next year we will increase the interest in enrolling in the Military Academy in the same way and in that manner we will rejuvenate not only the soldier, but also the officer component of the Army”, Shekerinska said.

For professional soldiers with the best results the Government and the Ministry of Defence will provide career advancement – training opportunities abroad, training within NATO programmes, opportunities to participate in some of the NATO-led missions as well as missions led by the UN and EU.