Complex exercise for the future officers of Macedonia and partner countries: DV Day for Summer Campus 2015

The interoperability among the cadets from the Republic of Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of Poland, Republic of Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, as well as the students from the Faculty for Security, the European University and the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University culminated at the Training Area Krivolak on the final day of this year’s Summer Campus, 9 July.

On the DV Day, the Dean of the Military Academy, “General Mihajlo Apostolski”, Colonel Orce Popovski, expressed his pride and pleasure for the achievements of the cadets and students during the Summer Campus 2015. He stated: “I am exceptionally proud that the Military Academy has developed a programme and scenarios for cadets that will continue to be further developed in the future as well. We have 24 cadets from different universities only from the USA. It is a recognition for the institution that organizes this activity”.

The Director of the Summer Campus 2015, Lt Col Nikola Kletnikov, expressed his distinct pleasure for his work with the cadets and students. Kletnikov underlined that the scenarios included the most frequent situations of NATO, EU and UN-led peace missions. Lt Col Kletnikov added that “negotiations are one of the most important things in a crisis, peace support and medical evacuation”.

He expressed gratitude to the ARM and MOD instructors who invested huge efforts in the organization of the Summer Campus 2015. According to him, the excellent result was the only logical outcome considering the preparedness of the cadets.

Cadet Caroline Bahter from the US Army expressed her great pleasure from the Campus and the training and underlined that the experience the cadets have gained in Macedonia will be extremely beneficial when they become officers in the future. She said that in addition to the professional advancement, the Summer Campus gave an excellent opportunity for developing mutual cooperation and communication among all involved.