Shekerinska at the celebration of the Air VING and the flyover of the Air Policing aircraft: Today we saw what it means to be a NATO member

“Today we saw what it means to be a NATO member. It means having NATO aircraft, in this case the Hellenic Air Force aircraft, guarding and patrolling our skies by providing air policing capabilities, which today perfectly coincided with the celebration of Air VING Day. On the day the unit is celebrating its jubilee, it is wonderful to see the air policing in action. This is an area in which North Macedonia achieved its first full integration into the NATO structures”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska today at the ceremony marking the Air VING Day, as part of which NATO’s air policing mission performed a flyover our skies, which was complimented by the demonstrated air capabilities of our army.

Emphasizing the readiness to invest in both personnel and equipment for this important segment, the Minister underlined that the goal is to improve the working conditions in the Air WING and reduce the difference in the capacities and capabilities with of the other NATO members. “We have managed to seriously increase the income of all members of the Air VING who are aviation specialists. I was pleased that we managed to return some former members to the Army, but also to provide all younger and more experienced people with salaries that were increased between 30 and 60 percent, i.e. expressed in amounts, some exceeding MKD 100,000, which are some of the highest incomes in the Army. There is an increase in the salaries of the professional soldiers, who three years ago had a monthly income of MKD 30,000 and are now about MKD 46,000, and each high rank has a higher difference in the current salaries compared to the salaries three years ago”, said Shekerinska.

The Minister thanked the Army for its commitment in the fight against the coronavirus and congratulated them on the results from the latest public opinion poll, which showed that citizens had the highest confidence and trust in the Army. “That trust is not without a reason. It was built with every decision to help both the country and every citizen”, said the Minister, wishing our army Air VING members a peaceful sky in navigating their aircraft