The battle against the pandemic is also a priority for the Army: The Emergency Service has been strengthened today with military ambulances

“Citizens’ health is also our concern. When the state finds itself in a critical situation, we must all be responsible and mobilized, and find a way to be of help”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who together with Health Minister Venko Filipche, attended today’s handover of military ambulances in the service of public health.

Shekerinska added that with the decision to release these five vehicles, along with two more that will be made available locally, the capacities of emergency services will significantly strengthen.

“These vehicles are vehicles used by the Army and we believe that at this moment they should be directed towards priority number one, and that is the fight against Covid and providing better opportunities for the emergency service in the capital, where the greatest pressure is being felt”, added Shekerinska.

The Minister thanked the members of the Army and said that all resources should be directed to where they are most needed; emphasizing that the Army has already participated in dealing with the pandemic and that it will be available in the future as well.

In expressing gratitude for the support, the Minister of Health, Venko Filipche, emphasized the importance of the Army’s involvement and the assistance that NATO sent with transport ventilators.

“As of today we have 5 ambulances available and another 2 that will be additionally used for other cities for transport of patients. The pressure on the health system is enormous, very often there is a need for quick transport of patients to a health facility. In the past period we have increased the number of ambulances. This aid is valuable and will be very important because it will increase the number of teams that will be available for transport of patients together with the transport ventilators that we received as aid from NATO”, Minister Filipche said.

The handover of the ambulances was also attended by the Chief of General Staff of the Army, General Vasko Gjurchinovski, as well as a team from the Military Medical Centre.