The engagement of the army during the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic

During the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which also poses a global threat, the members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia are actively contributing to the protection of citizens, as well as reducing the consequences of this global crisis.

The army is engaged on the territory of the entire country i.e. in support of the police forces in securing the border, with the goal of preventing illegal crossings, in providing security to vital facilities of the state such as the Government, Assembly, penitentiary institutions and locations for state quarantine, as well as in support of the police at the mobile checkpoints during the control of the entrance and exit of roads to populated areas. Army members are also active in supporting the local self-government and other state institutions in their overall efforts to prevent the pandemic and eliminate its consequences.

The Ministry of Defence and the Army made available two key facilities to the state and the citizens – the ROLE 2 level field hospital, located in the grounds of the Clinical Centre, next to the Infectious Diseases Clinic, which greatly increased the capacity of the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

Fortunately, the field hospital was not used during the peak of the pandemic in our country and at the request of the Ministry of Health, it was disassembled, but if the need arises, it can be put into service again in a record time of only a few days, in the service of public health and the citizens. During the preparation of the terrain for the setting out of the field hospital, the Army also engaged the engineering capacities, which managed to prepare the terrain very quickly with the aid of the new and modern equipment.

The second key capacity made available during the pandemic is helicopter transport, which can be activated in an extremely short time if the need arises.

The engagement of the members of the Army, the help and support they provide, once again shows why the Army is an institution that has the greatest trust among the citizens. Rapid, timely and efficient engagement wherever our soldiers are needed is proof that our NATO Army has exceptional capacities and capabilities that it makes available unreservedly to our citizens. Always ready, for the citizens, for the homeland.