Minister Sekerinska from Prilep: the defenders killed near Karpalak 18 years ago are the heroes of our country

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, today, at the monument Karpalak in Prilep, laid fresh flowers in memory of the ten defenders, members of the Army, who gave their lives in 2001, in the vicinity of Karpalak, on the motorway Skopje – Tetovo.

Addressing the families of the deceased and the many delegations paying tribute to the fallen defenders, Minister Shekerinska expressed her respect to Sasho, Nane, Branko, Marko, Erdovan, Ljube, DArko, Vebi, Goran and Pece, for their courage and sacrifice, and called them heroes of our country.

“Their deeds, the fact that they gave everything, including their lives, should be an example for us on how to love, respect and defend our homeland. We appreciate their courage and their sacrifice. These ten defenders paid the highest price in one of the most difficult moments when our country was at a crossroads and stood between war and peace. It was then that we faced a real tragedy that took too many lives, many families were bereaved, many citizens felt the grief that taught us that peace, stability and security are priceless”, said Minister Shekerinska.

Shekerinska stressed that our country was changing, but the memories remained. Today, added the Minister, we came to a stage where we say that we need NATO and the EU to provide us with greater security, greater stability. And with our domestic policies and actions we should guarantee this for our citizens, she concluded.

A delegation from the Ministry and the Army, led by the State Secretary, Dragan Nikolikj, previously laid fresh flowers at the memorial plaque near Karpalak.

In Prilep, Minister Shekerinska also visited the “Mirche Acev” barracks, where she met with members of the Army to discuss the conditions in which they perform their duties.