Shekerinska after the declaration of a state of emergency: we are preparing scenarios for an increased presence of the Army

“Until yesterday, the only additional engagement of the army was in the crisis regions of Debar and Centar Zhupa, where the Army completely took over the Albanian border, but after the introduction of the state of emergency the President signed a decision for the deployment of the Army in support of other institutions, especially the police, and today, we have began preparing scenarios for an increased presence of the Army. The operational headquarters is already working on plans for providing possible assistance to the police in their regular controls”, said this morning the Minister of Defence and a member of the government’s Crisis Committee, Radmila Shekerinska, on the “Utrinski Brifing” (Morning Briefing) show on Slobodna TV.

Minister Shekerinska said that many citizens seeking the to enter the country signed statements about self-isolation, but the problem was that when they came home they stared going out, and that that was one of the biggest risks because a large part of our emigrants are coming from high-risk countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland.
“It is irresponsible and illegal. If citizens do not follow the measures we will introduce more stringent measures. If someone does not respect domestic quarantine, the state will have to take measures”, said Shekerinska.

In connection with the measures of the state to deal with COVID-19 Minister Shekerinska said that the government was preparing for a scenario with more infected people.
“We must be ready for a scenario in which more people will be infected, more people will need hospital accommodation and more people will even need respirators. At one point, the hospital resources will be maintained exclusively for people who require additional assistance, if needed, and additional respirators. We are increasing all the resources”, said Shekerinska in “Utrinski Brifing”.