Shekerinska: Krivolak will be our ID card in NATO

The Krivolak Military Range received a new 33-kilometer road, which opened a new access from the Penush shooting range near Shtip, and at the same time the 15-kilometer road infrastructure in the military range itself was renovated.

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, who visited Krivolak today where the Army engineers work, informed about what has been done and about the future plans for this capacity, which she said was “an additional resource in the collective defence and security of the Alliance” and “our ID card in NATO“.

“These investments mean a huge effort, a huge endeavour and a huge will above all from our General Staff and from our engineers, who in the past period spent every working day at the Military Range Krivolak. We achieved our first strategic goal, and that is to open MR Krivolak to the north and connect it with the Penush shooting range near Shtip so that we can access the military range from two sides and release the pressure that has existed thus far exclusively through Negotino”, the minister said.

Shekerinska congratulated the engineers on the good quality work performed, for which she said that if it had not been done with personal resources, with a commercial basis it would cost 10 times more, i.e. instead of about one million Euros for a fully completed project, according to estimates it would cost about 10 million Euros. She added that the funds spent are only for per diems, food and fuel, which once again confirms the smart decision that was made to invest in engineering machinery that allowed engineers to be able to implement this project on their own.

Regarding the importance of the infrastructure activities on the military range for the Alliance, the Minister pointed out that “with this investment, with this renovated and new infrastructure, next year when another big exercise will be organized in cooperation with the US Army and several other armies in the neighbourhood, we will have the opportunity to show them how much we have improved this military range in just one year, and that will increase the interest in working together at “Krivolak”.

Shekerinska announced financial support from the US Army for part of the project and that in the first half of next year we expect US engineers to join our engineers in the activities for infrastructural development of the military range.