Meeting of Minister Shekerinska and Admiral Burke for the anniversary of NATO membership: North Macedonia added value to the Alliance

In honour of marking the first anniversary of NATO membership, the Com-mander of Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, Admiral Robert Burke, paid an official visit to North Macedonia.

At the meeting with the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, which was held this afternoon at the Ministry of Defence, Admiral Burke conveyed the congratulations of all allies for the first anniversary of the membership of North Macedonia in NATO. They spoke about the contribution of North Macedonia as an active member of the Alliance, in the collective, and especially in the security in the region.

- North Macedonia gives an equal contribution to the maxim – we are stronger together. We have added a new value to the meaning of NATO for security in the region by directly participating in the KFOR forces in Kosovo, which are under the auspices of the Allied Command in Naples. We add new value to the Alliance with the daily improvement of the Krivolak Military Range. We are adding new value with our NATO declared unit – the Light Infantry Battalion, where our best members of the Army are getting better every day – said Minister Shekerinska.

Shekerinska expressed gratitude for the contribution of the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, which assisted for two decades in the realization of the strategic goal – the membership of North Macedonia in NATO.

“The closure of the NATO Liaison Office means that they have done their job successfully and we have grown into an ally that can not only develop at home with its own forces, but that can also contribute to collective security with its own forces”, Shekerinska said.

Admiral Burke noted the importance of the participation of the Macedonian Army in NATO missions and the specific training capacities that North Macedonia contributes to the Alliance.

- I am honoured and privileged to represent the allies at tomorrow’s ceremony marking the anniversary of the membership of North Macedonia in NATO. The Repub-lic of North Macedonia had an excellent beginning and provides very significant contribution to the Alliance. As the Minister mentioned, there are many units operating under my command and they have been doing so for decades. Your country’s specific capabilities are very important to NATO”, said Admiral Burke.

Today he had meetings with state and army leaders, and tomorrow in the Ilinden barracks he will participate in the central ceremony to mark the first anniversary of NATO membership.