The first multilateral talks between our country and NATO, after the full membership in the Alliance

1Multilateral talks between the Republic of North Macedonia and NATO were held today via video teleconference. These are the first talks of this format that our country has held as a full member of the Alliance within the NATO Defence Planning Process. The delegation of the Republic of North Macedonia was led by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Dragan Nikolic.

During the talks with the NATO Defence Planning Committee, the plans for defence financing, transformation and equipping and modernization of the armed forces until 2028 were presented. At the same time Secretary of State Nikolic emphasized that in conditions of COVID-19, the Republic of North Macedonia remains committed to the established priorities for capacity development in accordance with NATO standards.

The strong determination of our country for long-term and stable financing of the defence was emphasized once again, in accordance with the conclusions of the Summit of the Alliance in Wales in 2014. Despite the COVID-19 challenges facing the Republic of North Macedonia, there are still no deviations from the plans and priorities to reach 2% of GDP by 2024.

The Allies welcomed the defence plans, as well as the commitment for rational use of resources for equipping the declared forces with modern equipment. Recommendations were given for sustaining the plans for defence budget growth, as well as for the realization of the priorities for equipping and modernization of the armed forces until 2028. The contribution of the Republic of North Macedonia in international operations was also commended.