Defence Ministry will coordinate the adoption of a National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

Today, the Ministry of Defence held an initial meeting of the inter-agency working group for drafting the National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. According to the Government, the Ministry of Defence will coordinate the adoption of the second National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security and the activities will be supported by representatives from several state institutions, ministries and civil society organizations that deal with gender equality in the country. The working group invited our partners, UN Women in Skopje, the OSCE and the NATO Liaison Office to take part in the work.

The meeting was opened by Katerina Stavreska, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Defence, who welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the adoption of this document. Stavreska informed the attendants about the undertaken measures and actions for promoting gender equality in the Ministry of Defence and the Army and the progress made in the past year.

The inter-agency working group will receive expert support from the UK Advisor Abigail Austin, known international expert in this field and an expert on defence issues with a long and significant experience in gender perspectives in the defence and security. In the past three years, Austin played an advisory role to the Ministry regarding the implementation of the Strategic Defence Concept.

The UK advisor presented the working plan to the working group, which contained the timeframe and objectives of each activity. The next stage will refer to holding meetings with institutions and civil society organizations as well as regional workshops for considering the specific content of the Action Plan.

The preparation of the second NAP is one of the commitments of the National Action Plan for Integration of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO and will be developed over a period of five years.