The Ministry of Defence has undertaken a series of measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19

In this regard, the Ministry decided to cancel all official trips of the employees (conferences, meetings, training courses), in countries with high and medium risk.

Everyone who officially travelled before this decision, after returning to the country must remain at home in isolation for 14 days.

Currently members of the Army are not engaged in military exercises in the countries of the risk areas.

To eliminate any possibility of spread of the virus, the Ministry of Defence will limit the number of meetings with outside parties – the communication will be conducted by telephone, by mail or by video conference.

The order to regularly perform preventive hygienic measures, as well as constant cleaning and disinfection of the premises was sent to all command units. The cadets of the Military Academy are released from attending classes and the buses for transportation of the members of the Army are regularly disinfected.

By order of the Chief of the General Staff, the Commander of the Military Medical Centre is obliged to be informed about any new developments in the Army and be prepared for possible contact and cooperation with the relevant health institutions.

Epidemiologists at the Military Medical Centre are required to monitor the health status of members of the army and control the implementation of preventive measures to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus.

The Ministry and the Army are implementing all preventive measures ordered by the government. The Army is operational, fully functional and ready in case of need, to act for the protection of the citizens.